Friday, December 26, 2008

Best albums of 2008

New technologies are great to develop a better world. New techniques are applied in research, normal life, construction, etc, to develop better tasks and to develop the World in general. That is what happens with the mp3 technologies and the internet. It allows you to listen to thousands of bands that would never had been reached you if internet was not there. So that is the point. After listen to an album I may buy it if I find a reasonable seller that sells it at a reasonable price.
Anyway, as I am listening to music all days, this list may be long, but that is thanks to the new technologies. And believe me I have bought quite a lot of those cds. But I can not buy everything I listen to. Impossible.
As always, no order established, just the best ones of 2008.

Tv on the radio "Dear Science"
Blood Red Shoes "Box of secrets"
Feeder " Silent cry"
British Sea Power "Do you like rock music?"
Duels "The barbarians move in"
Girls in Hawaii "Plan your scape"
Sons and Daughters "This gift"
Last shadow puppets "Age of the understatement"
Underwater sleeping Society "The dead Vegas"
¡Forward, Russia! "Life processes"
Disco Ensemble "Magic recoveries"
Tiger Lou " A partial print"
Die! Die! Die! "Promises promises"
Snow Patrol "A hundred million suns"
Bob Mould "District line"
The Music "Strength in numbers"
The Subways "All or nothing"
Frightened rabbit "The midnight organ fight"
Von Hertzen Brothers "Love remains the same"
Fucked up "The chemistry of common life"
R.E.M. " Accelerate"
Santogold "st"
The Departure "Inventions"
We are Scientists "Brain thrust mastery"
Beck "Modern guilt"
Tokyo Police club " Elefant shell"
Foals "Antidotes"
The Ting Tings "We started nothing"
Oasis "Dig out your soul"
We are Scientists " Brain Thrust Mastery"
The Rascals "Rascalize"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sons and Daughters live

The authors of one of the best albums of this year that comes to an end were recorded and added to a famous website. Here it is:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Giving up

I guess there is a moment that you do. I can think that there is a moment you are so pissed off of living this life that you agree dying. I can not think about any other time you give up. You may give up in learning finnish or english or looking for a job that would suit you and still live your life happily. But the true moment is when you are absolutely tired of suffering, or when you feel you do not have anything else to do here. That is the trick I guess. Don't learn the trick. I will never give up. I miss the old Christmas days with you and the family, grandma. Don't give up. I love you.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Summer 2008... is gone

Omnipresentes Peces durante este verano. Solo 3 días falté para darles de comer...

Summer 2008 is over... a long time ago that is over here in fact I don't know if it has come this year or it was just an illusion... anyway it was a good summer, and here are some pictures and a video about it. Enjoy.

Una de mis fotos preferidas en conicertos este verano: Kent y su despedida del Ankkarock 2008

Loco con Kashmir..

Kashmir en Ilosaari Rock 2008. El mejor concierto probablemente en mi opinión

Uno de los grupos del verano...

Y se acabó...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Provinssi Rock, Seinäjoki, 13-15th June 2008

It all started with a long trip by bus from Joensuu, a full bus organized by Joensuun Pop Musikot ry, a music organization in Joensuu that also organizes Ilosaari Rock Festival every year. Great effort and, athough bus is not my favourite mode of transport, anyway it was great to have that possibility. Thanks.
We got to Seinäjoki, at around 18:30 and I already was a little nervous because we had to look for the camping, then a place to set our tent and run to see if we could manage to see Dinosaur Jr. at 21:15 and Coheed and Cambria at 20:15.

Coheed and Cambria

Finding a suitable and nice place to set our tent after paying the 20 euros for the camping (I will never understand why is not included in the ticket for the festival) was impossible. After going along all the camping area, and once checked that getting a quiet, calm or just nice place was impossible, we chose to set it in a place were some colleagues were dismatling their tents to transport them somewhere else. not a good place at all, but at the end it was just enough.
After setting the tent and leaving our stuff there, we almost ran to look for the festival gates to see if we still managed to see some bands that were about to start playing. We got our bracelet, attached to the wrist with a menthod I have never seen before (see the picture), and we got into the festival area.

We lost some minutes already in place ourselves in the map, but finally we got quite close of the main stage to see Coheed and Cambria.

Too bad that I did not know their songs, because it was a quite good concert, including an Iron Maiden tease, well, in fact, it was half of the song. Surprising.
Then we ran to the Saari Stage (Island stage) to see one of the groups I decided to travel to Provinssi: Dinosaur Jr.
I have not been a real fan, but probably they performed one of the best concerts at
Provinssi, if not the best. It was a pleasure to be seeing two of the best representative musicians of what I call indie-rock, or what it has been called lo-fi, or whatever, maybe underground rock from the USA. Mr. J. Mascis and Mr. Lou Barlow. It was the moment of the festival when it was raining most, like hell, I may say, I covered my head with my hood and enjoy, dancing a lot. We had in front of us two of the most important heads in underground rock music of the last 15 years, and I will remember it for a long time. That Provinssi 2008....maybe my only one.
The first big name of the festival played that day at 22:30: Linkin Park. Simple show: ALL the hits and they left. I do not know, I am not a fan, I just like some songs. I have to say that their hits are great and I do like them very much, but it was nothing special in their performance, in my opinion. Good to see them, however, because probably I will never go to their concerts on purpose. They are that typical band that you see in a festival rather than in a solo concert. Because festivals are meant for that. To see bands you probably will not go to see on purpose. And to see those that you would go for sure. All of them. Friday was closed with The Friend, finnish band playing something like dance pop, that was very good and then leading to the tent.

Mr. Lou Barlow hitting his bass. Amazing sound.

With the first "night" the first surprise came, someone had opened our tent. Luckily, nothing was missing, as they probably were looking for alcohol or got into the wrong tent by accident because of previously intaken alcohol. Anyway. It was quite cold, still raining a bit and I got into the sleeping bag with my winter wool cap, that one black and white. Well, at the end I slept something, but better on saturday.

On satuday morning sun was shining, at least harder than the previous day and at the end, during some occassions we even had 20 degrees. Great compared to what we had last night.
After going to one of the various stands to have a coffee and some kind of deserved breakfast, we hanged arounf for some time and got into the festival area at about 16:00.
We headed to the YleX stage, covered, to check for something, Scandinavian Music Group was performing at 16:30 and we got quite close of the stage to see. Well, maybe not my style, more pop than rock songs, some pictures and we left in the middle of the concert.
Apulanta was the next band we wanted to see. In Finland there is the habit (I will not say if good or bad) that all years more or less the same finnish bands play in more or less all the festivals around Finland. Especially those who sing in finnish, as it is the only country in the World where they do understand them. That is the case with Apulanta. I have seen them maybe 3 or 4 times. They keep on releasing new cd's which are not my style if they do not have a great single like in my old times in Finland, in 2005, when everything was marvellous and I was touched by Pahempi toistaan ( and it still touches me) and Vasten mun kasvojani. But not with the new songs. Of course every timethey play the hits I am pleased and touched and they bring me so good memories that I can't bear and it touches me until having goose bumps. Really. But last year's cd is so bad in my opinion that I have lost all interest. At least they still play Jumala, the two mentioned and some others I really like. And an acoustic set also this time. Interesting and touched with Pahempi toistaan and Vasten, of course. Then Ismo Alanko was playing in Saarilava, but we just listen to him while we had some rest. A festival is tiring. Anyway I saw him in Joensuu already in April. Then it was a coincidence that we saw Danko Jones playing in the main stage and it was a concert that really surprised us for his attitude. Claims for rock and roll and complains about pop and provoking people to rock. It was good concert.
Then at least me, don't have many other bands I was interested in, just The Sounds in the late evening, and nothing much interesting. Serj Tankian, ex System of a Down singer, played at the same time, but as I was not interested in his songs, I went to see Maija and the rest. Just before The Dø played in the small stage. Frech-Finnish couple that has had a relative success with their last songs. It was nice performance, altough I left earlier to get a good place for The Sounds.
The concert was more or less the same as the one they played in Ankkarock last year, in which I enjoyed much more than this one. Maybe it was because there was too many people and too many crazy of them, like tinned sardines.... a pity because I think they played quite good, although no new songs. Maybe it't time for them to release a new album. I think she mentioned that they were composing it. Quite good pictures, in my opinion, here you have some.
Saturday night did not let us any surprise but I did sleep very good for being a camping. Snuday was cloudy and we repeated the coffeee in street with some cookies and then we left for the festival area after leaving the things in the bus also. This was the big day, the real day when Foo Fighters played. My first time with the Foo in 12 years. Many things have happened since that July 1996 or 1997. Anyway,, there were other bands I was interested in, first oga ll we got to check Paula Koivuniemi, but we left and ended up seeing the whole performance of Downstairs. Quite good I may say, much better than other times I have seen performing when warming up for other bands like Lapko.

Then until Paramore, that was playing at 16:00 in YleX stage we hanged around having some energetic drinks, because we were very tired, and I think we ate a pizza out of the festival area.
YleX stage was really crowded for Paramore and we were really far away from the stage, meaning that it was impossible to take any good pictures of them. But anyway, great songs and very nice people. Their singer kept on moving all the time in the stage making the concert better, like filling the empty space. Very good and recommendable.

Paramore's singer, not the best location to take pictures

And then Biully Talent was playing in the main stage at 16:45. I only got to see a couple of songs and I liked them. I ahd no idea of what Billy Talent did before sawing their name in the pre-festival program, and I regretted not to know more. Anyway, I left to see Disco Ensemble, a month later than they played in Joensuu, but still I wanted to see them live so badly. Maybe a mistake. I knew that going to see D. E. may mean not to get a good place to see F.F., but I still did not care. I stayed until the left the first time and missed the encore. But anyway. They played a quite energetic set, including "Magic recoveries", a classic start of the tour, the so called by me songle of the year "Bad Luck charm", and some old songs like the hit "We might fall apart" or "This is my head exploding". Still, I did not enjoy as with the one in Joensuu, but I guess there were other circumstances, like taking pictures and F.F. show just about to begin. Pretty exciting to just enjoy D.E. Anyway I more or less did. More pictures of them:

Miikka Koivisto doesn't believe in magic recoveries

Miikka and Jussi Ylikoski, guitar player

Jussi, feeling every single note

Lasse Lindfors, bass player

And then, before the encore, I left to Foo Fighters, that was starting only 30 minutes later. We tried to get the closest place we could, and I think at the end it was enough considering how many people was there. It was a almost-2-hours-set. They started with their last hit, "The Pretender" and old and new hits followed. As they say in their myspace website : "You may have heard one of our songs on the radio". The complete setlist was something like this

1.The Pretender
2.Times Like These
3.No Way Back
4.Cheer Up Boys(Your Make Up Is Running)
5.Learn To Fly
6.This Is A Call
7.Dave Talks
8.Long Road To Ruin
10.Stacked Actors
11.Skin & Bones
13.My Hero
14.Cold Day In The Sun
17.Monkey Wrench
18.All My Life
19.Best Of You

which I consider a very good one. I was kind of crazy and people made a space between me and them. I ran out of mind absolutely with "All my life", but it is a song I love and I was looking for that moment for a long time. It was amazing. Dave was amazingly charming and nice during the whole concert and there were guitar competitions, jokes, and the only one triangle solo that I have ever seen. Courtesy of one of the musicians they bring during the tour. A great evening to remember. And more pics, not close, but...


and until the next time, Foo Fighters!! A pleasure!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Me and my poster

I know is almost a month late, but finally, after Provinssi Rock festival I have transferred all the pics I had in my camera to the external hard drive, so I can use them now however I want. Here is the"elegant and intelectual" Victor with his poster in the SETAC XVIII European congress in Warsaw, May 28th, 2008. I like this picture. It represents what I've been doing in the last year and I feel proud of it, although I will feel more proud when I will publish (hopefully soon) the article.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A big city, beautiful girls and my first question in a scientific talk

I am part of the SETAC XVIII meeting in Warsaw, Poland.
I started a little bit shy, like overwhelmed by all the personalities of Science that are here, by all the people that have been working in this field during half or their lives.
I, just finished my first year as a PhD student, have never lived a meeting like this. many people from almost all the corners of the World, many talks and scientific points of view. A lot of posters, some of them marvellous with excellent scientific issues, and some others bad, but not for that less important maybe, just bad designed. One of those will be mine. On wednesday, I will "defend" a part of the work I have been doing the last year of my life. And I think is a good poster with some hints of some new things. Well, my wheel at the end is running. Let's hope it will never stop again.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where and how you will be in 30 years.......

I wonder if I will remember this night, I wonder if I will remember the concert I have just been to. Disco Ensemble has rocked Joensuu's kellari today and I was there to enjo. A good way to start your 33th year. 32 years ago you just were born or about to be born. I think I was born at 6:00. More than 30 years have passed and I guess my mother has not forgotten. And she never will.
I was coming home from Karjalantalo and I just have started to think this, where will I be in 30 years...? will I still be alive? Will I be happy with the life I have spent in already 62 years.... ?
I don't know.
Sometimes it seems that we do not enjoy life. And I mean every single moment of it. That's why I wanted a job where I would enjoy, and luckily I do have it now.
I'll try to remember all these days, all that people and all that situations that have built my life somehow. The puzzle of my life. All that situations, all that people are little pieces of the puzzle I am making. It is a beautiful one. Please, don't miss it, you a re a valuable piece and without it the puzzle is not complete. Do you understand? For good or evil, all of you have been already pieces of my puzzle, and I hope I am/was/have been a piece of yours. That's how we make this world run.
I hope that I will be proud of myself and whatever I have done in my life. I am now, I think, why shouldn't I? I am.
Good night.

Monday, May 12, 2008

This band deserves a lot

Disco Ensemble's , Magic Recoveries new album is out. In my opinion, best live act in Finland. Really. Here is the new single, "Bad luck charm", a hit single. I love it, it's amazing. They come to Joensuu on thursday, so I am going to be there for sure to see them for the third time. The other w times I've seen them, probably one of th best concerts I have seen from a finnish band, specially the last one in Ankkarock, 2007. I couldn't stop dancing and they put as much energy as they could it was unbelievable.

Anyway, enjoy: Single of the month without any doubts:

Monday, March 10, 2008

More ski

Podeis apostar dónde estoy esquiando en este momento.... Mirad el "big crack" que tengo debajo de mis Salomon...

As ski has become my favourite sport lastly, and I ask my friends to take pictures and videos at me, I post them here, for all of you to see them. Let's see about the pics from other finnnish typical thing I did.Let's see!

Bueno, como el esquí se ha convertido en mi deporte favorito últimamente, y le pido a mis amigos que me graben o me hagan fotos, pues aqui las tenéis. Y a ver si consigo fotos de otra cosa típica finlandesa que hice. Más impresionante si cabe. A ver a ver....

Pese a comentarios añadidos, os puedo echar una carrera si quereis ..... últimamente prefiero el ski moderno, aunque es muy duro...
Heli, that f****ing comment is not polite from a Finnish-independent-woman-that-works-in-K-market-and-her-horse-
is-more-expensive-than-my car ... ;)

I'm so fucking good!!!!

I am the boy from nowhere

Hello everybody. I have probably listen to this song over 50 times in the last 2 weeks. It is amazing. Here is it, give it a listen and read the lyrics.
Pedazo de canción. Tened el placer de escuchadla aquí.

We're the boys turning inside out
Overwrite so tight without a doubt
We're the boys always wrong
And always right

We are the boys from nowhere
And we're going home tonight

Meet us on the outside
Where the darkness shines so bright
On the autobahn where we first found our souls

Cuz when the world is over
We're still the boys from nowhere
And tonight, tonight we're coming home
Yeah - Yeah!

We're the boys heavier than light
So beyond repair
Born out of spite
Far away is near
The only becon is the night

Scarier than fear
But that's alright

See you on the outskirts
Where the wasteland meets the night
By the rainbow tracks
We first found our souls

Cuz when the world is over
We're still the boys from nowhere
And tonight, tonight we're coming home
I gotta go!

What are you doin'
We don't know
Where are you goin'
We don't care

No, no, no...

You'll never know

Meet us on the highway
Where the headlights shine so bright
By the gas station
When we first found our souls

Cuz when the world is over
We're still the boys from nowhere
And tonight, tonight we're coming home
Yeah - Yeah!

Tonight, tonight we're coming home
Oh, tonight, tonight we're coming
We're comin' home
So c'mon

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tavallinen suomalainen viikonloppu

O, traduciendo a nuestro fácil idioma castellano: Típico fin de semana Finlandés. De momento, os dejo algunas fotos y un video de mi reciente afición por esquiar (esquí de fondo, se entiende). Esto fue el domingo, el sábado hice otra cosa aún más finlandesa y más loca..a ver si me pasan las fotos y lo puedo postear. Estad atentos a este post!!

Well, translating into the easy english language: Typical Finnish Weekend. By now, some pictures and a video of my recent hobby ski is (cross country). This was on sunday, on saturday I did a even more typical finnish thing, that I will post soon, if I receive the pictures and videos.
Keep your eyes peeled to this post!!

Para llevar tan poco tiempo con el estilo moderno no se me da mal, eh!!
Well, I don't ski that bad, taken into account that I have recently started with this modern style!

Aunque, por supuesto, siempre hay caidas más feas de lo que en realidad fueron.
Of course, there were falls, uglier than they were in reality.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Best albums of 2007

A good year. This list does not pretend to be a bible or something like that. This is just my opinion, taking into account that I am not able to listen to all the released cd's. But, despite the fact that I have been quite busy with my PhD and with all the things I have been up to, I have listened to quite a lot. I am sure that there are more, but I am not the only one music freak that writes a review for the best albums of 2007!
Lastly, I listen to a lot of music, and I mean a lot. I have to admit that I download music, yes, but I still buy cd's also. I can not buy everything I listen to. Anyway, here is the list. Neither has it an order or something. There are not definitions with which we can define an album is better than another, simply, this reflects if I have liked the cd a lot or not. Here it is:

Albums of 2007

Bloc Party [A weekend in the city]
Dog Day [Night Group]
Vhs or Beta [Bring on the comets]
Lapko [Young Desire]
Pinback [Autumn of the seraphs]
Rubik [Bad conscience patrol]
Band of Horses [Cease to begin]
The Enemy [We'll live and die in these towns]
The National [Boxer]
Interpol [Our Love To Admire]
Klaxons [Myths of the near future]
The Automatic [Not accepted anywhere]
Biffy Clyro [Puzzle]
Pigeon Detectives [Wait For Me]
Editors [An End Has A Start]
Travis [The boy with no name]
Rilo Kiley [Under the blacklight]
Arcade Fire [Neon bible]
[Idlewild] Make another world
Triangulo de amor bizarro [s/t]
Manic Street Preachers [Send Away the tigers]
The Orders [Guilt & Confusion]
Tegan and Sara [The Con]
Smashing Pumpkins [Zeitgeist]
Arctic Monkeys [Favourite Worst Nightmare]
Rogue Wave [Asleep At Heaven's Gate]
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Baby 81]
The Perishers [Victorious]

It is a quite good list, I guess. There have been others as well, but first let's talk a little about the list I wrote above.
There are albums I have really been impressed by, like "A weekend in the city", criticized by a lot of people for being different or worst than "Silent alarm", their debut LP. "AWITC" makes a step forward in the evolution of Bloc Party. More mature, rich and worked, definitely, among the top 10 of the year. It would also win the best cover, as I really like those night pictures of cities. Worth buying the deluxe edition, incluiding a DVD with videos and a live performance at Reading festival.
Another cd I love is Dog Day "Nigh group" . The canadian band got my attention witht their song "Lydia", which I listened to in a compilation. Then, I listened to the whole cd, and then I bough it, last Christmas. Another top ten of the year. Here is one mp3 available thanks to their website "Oh dead life". One of the bands of the moment. And I will not mention why they do not come to Spain. Neither to Finland.

Dog Day portrait by
Chris Frey
From left to right:
Crystal Thili, Seth Smith, Nancy Urich and Casey Spidle.

Another big surprised was "Bring on the Comets" by VHS or Beta, with a danceable atmosphere that includes the, I must say, HIT singles, She Says and Burn it all down.

Lapko live by Ville Yli-Knuutila

One of the cds I have listened to most this year is "Young desire" by Lapko. Also the band that I have seen more times: 4. But I really feel this is one of the finnish cds of the year, with of course, other of the great discoveries: The Orders and their magnificent Guilt & Confusion.
And there have been returns, like Arctic Monkeys, still in the crest of the wave with "Favourite worst nightmare" and manic Street Preachers, with "Send away the tigers", debuts, like "Myths of the near future" by Klaxons or
The Automatic with "Not accepted anywhere". In the case of Arctic Monkeys, it has been an honorable continuation to "Whatever people say I am.....", if we think about all the pressure they must have had. They have toured almost all around the world, and, with the exception of festivals, they are now used to play 1 hour. No encores at all. An hour of pure adrenaline and watts, but nothing else, as I had the opportunity to check in their pre-tour concert in Barcelona.
Smashing Pumpkins have returned. yes it is not the same, they should not be called SP anymore. Maybe. but the truth is that, despite all this, is a good cd to return. Let's see what follows!
And well, I could continue this post for ages, even until next year, the albums are there, in the list, so, I should not say more. Just listen to them. And give your opinion. Tell me if I have forgotten any. Thanks.

Mr. United States of America live at Pinkpop Festival, May 28th 2007 (Greetsia Tent/ Hyperphoto/

Monday, January 21, 2008

Paradojas de la vida

De nada sirvió. Fuente As

Del espacio-tiempo, de la vida, del estar tan lejos, en fin, que mas da. Cómo pongo este título en inglés? Tambien da igual. Lleva dos días nevando sobre Joensuu, por fin, estoy bebiendo un poco de vino con unas velas en plan "Wine & candles" como una amiga me dijo. Sin embargo, ayer, mientras yo aún animaba a los míos en el inicion del enésimo derby, mientras aún gritaba KunKunKunKun, vamos Kun!! Vamos Forlanito! probablemente, por las ilegalidades de la tecnología internetera (al verlo en Sopcast lleva uns minutos de retraso) Raúl ya habría marcado el 0-1 de dicho partido, que de manera cierta, se acabó ahí. Este tipo de goles deberían anular el resto del partido, simplemente fue una pérdida de tiempo por mi parte y por parte de todos los que lo vieron y jugaron, mejor que hubiesen decansado para el partido de Copa el miercoles.
Nunca aprenderemos a decir "Nos van a ganar 0-6", o "El Madrid es favorito porque yo casi no había nacido desde la última vez que les ganamos", o "La última vez que les ganamos bajamos a segunda, asi que por mi que nos metan 6 y que al final estemos en Champions". Nunca nadie dice eso, siempre la gente se cree que les vamos a ganar. Y nunca pasa. Tenemos tanta rabia por ganar al Madrid que nos ciega de ver la realidad: Que a dia de hoy somos peores. Que no hay color. Por mucho que joda. Hay una ola de odio puro, algunas veces mutuo, que no se de donde ha venido y que hace mucho daño, especialmente a nosotros. Digo yo que sera bueno llevarse bien con el vecino y desearle lo mejor. El año pasado, preferir que nos gane el Barcelona para perjudicar al Madrid, pues toma! 0-6. No puede ser.
Que hay que tener los pies en el suelo aún. Que por muy bien que vayamos hoy, a 18 partidos del final de Liga, muchas cosas pueden pasar y muchos partidos se pueden perder. Y mucho se puede bajar en la clasificacion y quedar como los ultimos 10 años. La vida cambia en días. En segundos, si me apuras. A mí me ha pasado. A todos nos pasa.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nähdään, Madrid!

Llegó el día de vuelta a Joensuu, llegó el día de dejar atrás de nuevo a seres queridos y grandes momentos de ocio. Me gusta Madrid, si, quizás deteste la gran urbe en la que se está conviertiendo y las gentes no muy honestas que cada vez mas la invaden. Pero tiene algo aún, claro...Aunque sobren la mitad de sus atrevo a decirlo porque es lo que pienso. No deberia haber tanta gente aqui.
Mañana en Joensuu, si la prediccion del Tiempo acierta, me encontrare temperaturas en torno a -20º C. Mirad la figura adjunta arriba (Sat corresponde a mañana sabado). Y creo haber perdido los .... guantes. Mierda.
Bye bye Madrid!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Life is as a supermarket

The moment you get in the supermarket is equivalent to when you are born. Then, life offers you different options, depending on the supermarket you are born at, and you choose or you are forced to choose what to buy- what to live. Once in the queue to pay what you have bought, you -again- can choose what cash desk you want your stuff to be paid at. This is like choosing your path in life, it will all lead to the same end -death=exit- but, depending on what cash desk you choose, you will reach the exit sooner, later, in a more successful manner, or in the most unnoticed. Sometimes you change the line because you believe the one you are moving to is going to be better - faster- and then you might find you were right and you have made the right choice for your purpose. Other occasions, you find that the checkout line you were in is faster and you realize that you have made the wrong choice, and that it is impossible to return. Anyway, make the right decision when choosing the line is essential in the duration of the path to reach the exit. I would not say that you must not change the queue if you are not satisfied with the cashier, neither would I say that you must change to another line or that you should leave without paying. It depends on you.

El momento de entrar en el supermercado es equivalente a cuando se nace. Entonces, la vida te ofrece opciones diferentes, dependiendo del supermercado en el que has nacido, y escoges o te fuerzan a escoger qué comprar - qué vivir. Una vez en la cola para pagar lo que has comprado, - otra-vez - puedes escoger en que caja quieres que tu compra sea pagada. Esto se parece al escogimiento de tu camino en la vida, esto conducirá todo al mismo final-la muerte=salida-, pero, dependiendo de la caja que escojas, alcanzarás la salida más pronto, más tarde, en una manera más acertada, o de lamás inadvertida. A veces cambias de cola porque crees el que será mejor - más rápida - y luego usted podría encontrar que tienes razón y has elegido la opción correcta para tu objetivo. Otras ocasiones, encuentras que la cola que estabas es más rápida y usted comprende que has elegido la opción incorrecta, y que es imposible volver.
De todos modos, escoger la decisión correcta al elegir la línea es esencial en la duración del camino para alcanzar la salida. Yo no diría que no se debas cambiar a otra cola si estas satisfecho con el cajero, tampoco digo que te cambies a otra cola o que deberías marcharte sin pagar. Esto depende de tí.