Thursday, April 27, 2006


Very recently I have discovered a new band, an extraordinay one. With all this internet stuff, discovering new bands for the audience and being discovered by the audience for the bands is much easier. I have discovered many, very good ones, but Kashmir has something more. Too bad that they have entered my life this late, they created the band in 1991in Copenhagen, so it is 15 years of playing, 5 LP's, 1 EP and a live album, plus a documentary released on DVD.
That's all, only my recommendation of listening to this great danish bands...again...Scandinavians....

Some of their extraordinary songs:

Miss you (The good Life, 1999)
Surfing the warm industry (Zitilities, 2003)
Melpomene (Zitilities, 2003)
Kalifornia (No balance Palace, 2005)
She's made of chalk (No balance Palace, 2005)

Enjoy the Music!

Music Therapy

A couple of days ago, I was reading "El País" and I found an interesting news. Of course, I read the whole article, and I thought to make a comment, at least, in my blog.
It says like this: "Musicaltherapy in postoperatory". It seems that somebody has done a research study about the effect of Music in people who was operated recently, and a review has been published in one of the most important magazines of Medicine: "The Cochrane Library".
Patients who listened to music, compared to those who did not, complaint much less aout pain after the operations, says the article.
Science has not yet discovered the mechanism or mechanisms through which Music relieve pain, but distraction or relaxation can contribute to it.
You can read the press article here (in spanish) or here (in english).

Session of Music Theraphy in a Hospital

In my personal opinion, this a great news, and, well, why unsdiscovered or unfolded until now? I think everybody believes in that the recovery from a disesase, specially if you have to stay at a Hospital (horrible places, by the way) depends a lot on the personal state of mind of the patient. So, Music, as I truly think that can lead you into a state of absolute calm and/or happiness, should help out in the, sometimes diffcult, recovery.
For me, Music is deeply connected with persons and their state of being, and it is a way of interchange "vital energy", so, people can get high or down with it. I think that part of the composer stays "inside" the song forever, it is like a "mark". Part of their soul, perhaps, goes away with the song, and part of our state of mind. Then, even some of the listeners could take or leave their part in the song, take away the pain or sorrow... Who hasn't listened to a song and believed that takes something out of him/her, or gives him/her the courage to face life again? I have felt if only me and the song existed, and nothing was more important than that.
I want to believe.

Sunday, April 16, 2006 most of the time I am deeply thinking....

Just back from meeting my friends, like every single weekend, how much do I love them!!! Currently listening to new Poets of the Fall cd...
On my way back home I have been walking something like 20 minutes, alone, and, of course, this means that I have plenty of time to think about important things, mainly, my future. I have discovered, or just unfolded, that I would go almost anywhere in the world if I could, to work in a field that I like. I suppose I am getting frustrated because now I know what do I want to do in life and what do I am, a Scientist, and a person who would like to leave a footprint here, in planet Earth, but I am not working and I am afraid of becoming a person who will not work in a place that he likes and in a place where he will not use his brain and creativity.
Also, a wish: work mainly in Scandinavia, Helsinki, or Norway, why not, I am bound to those places already, so why not coming back?
I am afrad, why? Of being considered old to research, being denied in grants applications because there are many more younger people trying to get into Science...I am not afraid of anything else except that, being considered "not worth" because of age, previous experience, etc.
I am just asking for an opportunity, and I will demonstrate how worth I am....
Difficult times, but I will be allright... I must!!!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Conclusiones / Conclusions

Si, han pasado ya un par de dias desde que llegué, y voy interpretando el viaje de una manera más objetiva, al no estar allí. Tengo que reconocer que las pasé canutas algunos días y con algunas situaciones, y que me jodió bastante tener que vivir en un Youth Hostel la mayor parte de los días, excepto aquellos que me alojé en Piia's (Kiitoksia!), también que el frío y el tener que andar todo el día casi sin rumbo fijo hicieron mella en mi infinita paciencia y en mis ánimos. Pero, pese a todo, Helsinki es una ciudad que me encanta y donde me encantaría vivir unos años.
Algunos días realmente me pregunté si de verdad quería ir allí de nuevo, la verdad es que sería difícil, pero nada que no pudiera manejar. De todas formas también has de abrirte un poco más y no descartar otras posibilidades, porque está complicado volver allí así como así, y, desde luego, a menos que cambie algo radicalmente, no va a ser mañana. Así que, una de las principales conclusiones, es que has de tener paciencia en volver y ponerte a hacer cosas aquí y a aprender el idioma.
Otra cosa es que también has de pensar mucho más objetivamente, algo sólo entre tu mente y tú, sin influencias externas. Tú al 100%. Y creo que aún así me querré ir, pero quizás un tiempo ha de pasar para que eso ocurra. Time will tell.....

Yes, some days have passed already since I came back to Madrid, and I am starting to interprete the trip in a more objective way, since I am not there. I have to admit that I passed hard times some days and with some situations, and that it was annoying to live in a Youth Hostel most of the days, except those I accomodated at Piia's (Kiitoksia!), also that cold and the fact that I had to walk almost all day without specific direction, took their toll in my patience and in my spirits. But, in spite of all that facts, Helsinki is a city that I love and where I would love to live some years.
Some days I really asked myself if I truly wanted to go there again, the truth is that it would be difficult, but nothing I couldn't handle. Anyway, also I should open my mind a little bit more and do not rule out other possibilities, because it is complicated to go back there that easy, and, of course, unless something change drastically, it won't be tomorrow. So, the one of the main conclusions is that I have to be patient in going back and start to do something here, and learn the language.
And another thing is that you have to think much more objectively, something only between your mind and you, without external influencies. 100% you. And I believe that even with that I would want to leave, but maybe some time have to pass until that happens. Time will tell....

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pariisin Lentoasemalla

No me gusta juzgar. Procuro no hacerlo, pero cuando me cabreo, como ahora, no puedo evitar hacerlo. Siempre tengo problemas con los franceses. El único que se salva es Stephané, pero ¡Dios! con los demás siempre pasa algo.

De hecho, gracias al retraso ocasionado por la espera a unos franceses en Helsinki y a el retraso de 2 horas en el Charles de Gaulle perdí el tren a Madrid, y me quedé en Barcelona 1 día.

I don't like to judge. I try not to do it, but when I am angry, like now, I can not help doing it. I always have problems with French, except my friend Stephané, but God! it always happens something with the rest.

In fact, thanks to the delay because to wait some french at Helsinki airport and the 2 hours delay at Charles de Gaulle, I lost my train to Madrid and had to spend a day in Barcelona.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hanging around in Helsinki

Me siento muy raro. Ya no tengo nada que hacer aquí en Helsinki, y, de alguna manera, siento que he venido para nada, sé que en el fondo no, pero me siento muy bajo de energía , siento que siempre espero más de antemano de lo que luego recibo. Y es que es muy triste venir a una ciudad donde tienes amigos y tener que estar solo gran parte del día, si no todo. Pero comprendo que la gente tenga cosas que hacer, aunque sigue siendo triste, muy triste.

Fue el peor día de mi visita a Helsinki.

I feel strange. I don't have already anything to do here in Helsinki, and, in a way, I feel that I have come for nothing, I know deep inside that it is not like that, but I feel really low about Energy, I feel that I always expect more beforehand than what I finally get. And it is very sad come to a city where you have friends and have to be alone most of the time. But I understand that people have important things to do, although it is sad, very sad.

It was just a bad day, the worst of my visit to Helsinki.

Olimpic Stadion Youth Hostel, Helsinki

The craziest adventure of my whole life (and one of the most expensives) is ending. I am finally leaving on saturday and I am going to feel a deep sorrow, but this time I know there is no other option. My days in Helsinki are running out for this time, and up to new and good news, if they will ever be. Who knows? Perhaps after all my destiny will not be bound to this city again. I don't know. I would like it to be, but I don't have the power of decision about my life that fate has. I just trust future and what it could give to me. I am much stronger that some years ago and all that come I will know how to manage it. I am strong and I am not leaving this life defeat me. I will never do. Only when I die I'll leave it take me, but until that moment I'd really want to live in this world. Really.

La aventura más loca de mi vida (y una de las más caras) toca a su fin, me voy al final el sábado y voy a sentir una gran pena, pero ésta vez sé que no hay más narices. Mis días en Helsinki tocan a su fin de momento y hasta nuevas y buenas noticias, si es que las hay. ¿Quién sabe? Quizás después de todo mi destino no se cruzará con esta ciudad otra vez. No lo sé. Me gustaría que sí lo hiciera, pero yo no tengo el poder de decisión sobre mi vida que tiene el destino....
Sólo confío en el futuro y en lo que me pueda dar. Soy mucho más fuerte que hace unos años y todo lo que venga lo sabré torear bien. Soy fuerte y no voy a dejar que esta vida me derrote. Jamás lo haré. Sólo al morir dejaré que me lleve, pero hasta ese momento me quedan muchas ganas de vivir en este mundo. Muchas.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Helsingissä minä olen

It is incredible how do I love this city.

It seems unbelievable that after this years after my graduation at university finally I have changed my mind and today it is the opposite thought about life. Staying at my own country or live anywhere else. I would be glad to live here, in Helsinki for some years, who knows then what will happen after those years, maybe I can not live without Helsinki anymore.
These days I am walking the streets like I have never done and I am getting all those beautiful pictures in my mind, all those beautiful and romantic streets.
Yes, maybe I am living only past memories of the last year, but today I do want to live here.

Kirjasto 10, Helsinki