Friday, May 20, 2011

Best of 2010

I have to say and recognize, it may come a bit late and soon some bloggers will be talking about the first six months of 2011, but, on my own behalf, i will say that I was digesting new cds I have discovered, I have been very busy at work and studying Finnish. But well, this is it, a fermented list, with what I think is really the best of last year in music. I really have listenend a lot to make this list and I thank all those unknown bloggers that made the list before me on time. I have enjoyed it better this way, it is always like this. Otherwise I would had missed a lot of good cds.

If you have read my lists from other years, you already know that this is not based in any reason such: this is a so good album because is so eclectic and because the guitars here have a very special sound or because bla bla bla. I do not like that. If I have liked an album I will just write it in here and that is it. No reasons, just plain opinion about likes and dislikes.

Another innovatin is that I will try to locate the albums in Spotify and Grooveshark so you, reader, can listen to them easily. Who would have told me this 10 years ago? Awesome.
So here it is (no order of preference, why should it be an order? Based on what?):

Titus Andronicus "The monitor"
Frightened Rabbit "The Winter of mixed drinks"
Weezer "Hurley"
Les Savy Fav "Root for ruin"
The Thermals "Personal life"
Superchunk "Majesty shredding"
Tokyo Police club " Champ"
Mistery jets "Serotonin"
Spoon "Transference"
Broken Social Scene "Forgiveness rock record"
Japandroids "No singles"
Wintersleep "New inheritors"
Ginger ninja "Wicked map"
Sad day for puppets "Pale silver & Shiny gold"
Paper "Coming for you" (Single)
The Soft pack "st"
Hypernova "Through the chaos"
Aloha " Home acres"
Grinderman "Grinderman 2"
Now, Now "Neighbors"
Klaxons "Surfing The Void"
Lapko "A new Bohemia"
Atlantic line "Exit to intro"
Deerhunter "Halcyon digest"
Common loon "The long dream of birds"
Weekend "Sports"
Chapel club "Palace"
Love like fire "Dust"
Teenagers in Tokyo "Sacrifice"
The kissaway trail "Sleep mountain"
Blood red shoes "Fire like this"
Ted Leo and the pharmacists "The brutalist bricks"
Surfer blood "Astro coast"
Disco Ensemble " The island of Disco ensemble"
We are scientists "Barbara"
New young opony club "The optimist"
Team ghost "You never did anything wrong to me EP"

I will update the links and will maybe add some band that I have forgotte But now, I feel so embarrased that is the middle of the year already and I hadn't done this.
Oh, and soon the best songs too!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


It may be the best of all the systems, the best of the worst (because this World is wrongly designed), but definitely it is based on things that are not possible, and the day that everything explodes and comes back 100 years in time is closer... approaching seriously I believe.The sick consumption that we are experiencing gets crazier and crazier every day, well it may have stopped a little bit with the actual World economic crisis, but I think people are waiting for things to get back to "normal" and start buying compulsively again.

I got the idea of this post originally from here. Interesting point of view indeed. An idea that has always round my head. Among my friends, there have been always typical sentences when seomething gets broken (and these things were not suppposed to get broken). Some examples are"Before cd players were made really solid and lasted much longer than now" or "Ihave to get a new x, because the old one is not working anymore". Well, now I have found an interesting report about why these things happen. And it comes that what we all suspected is true, capitalism is a concept that will end up with us if we do not do something about it.
Sorry the video is in mainly in Spanish, but those of you who understand it it will be revealing.

The question is also, what is the alternative? Are there other ways to live in this Planet without destroyinh it and in a sustainable way? I believe yes, but taking into account that we are close to be 7000 million inhabitants in Planet Earth makes it a little bit difficult. Only in food we will crash natural resources in few time. But well, at least we can fight agains the system in many ways. I like to way this guy in the video fights against what the dealers impose and actually ends up fiding out why his printer doe snot work anymore. We all should fight against it in that way at least.
In my case, I try not to buy things that I really do not need. Sometimes I fail, yeah, sometimes I let myself in the tornado of the system. At least I use things until their last possible minute of life and I try to buy second hand stuff as much as I can afford and as much as it is worth.

Consequences are already out there and maybe hidden. We are already paying a toll about this and we will pay it much longer. For example, contamination caused by progress is already a fact that concerns to many. You are probably eating contaminated fish and people are not aware of that. And we are passing these contaminats to our children, and these may casue really nasty diseases 15-20 years later. Hell, we are destroying ourselves.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Where it all started...

Digging in some old papers i have found what can be one of my first exams (if not the first) at University, back in February 1995. I started in September 1994 at the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED, meant for people who can not attend daily lectures) and I had my first exams at the end of that semester, in 1995.
This scanned exam I have posted here is about General Physics (obviously is only in Spanish), one of the must-take courses and luckily, not as bad as later signatures I had. I do not remember the grades I got, maybe good ones, I am not sure. Anyway, it was pretty more or less the same what we had in the previous year in high school.

Now, almost 16 years later, I have no idea of how to solve these problems and I am happy that I am still at University instead of private sector. My field is completely different, although at least I am using some Chemistry.
Well, a post related to personal history is always a pleasure because I love where I am now and things have changed quite a bit since that times.

And Happy 2011 to everyone!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


It is really a pity that what we all suspected and somehow knew it is the real truth and it is only the tip of the iceberg, I am sure. Conspiracy, lies, and hidden agenda that we all watch on TV, for example in the X -files has come to the first pages of all the newspapers of the World. It should be an scandal, bigger than it is.
Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks have brought to light some of the secrets that are bothering the most important Governments of the World. Not only the "cablegate", but video of "Collateral murder" and some other leaks have put this man into the spot.
And do you know what I think? In my opinion, they are going to kill him, to shut his mouth up or something like that. This man, a representative of those who want the truth to be told, is telling a lot of things that others did not dare to tell. And he is arrested. God, we should build a statue of him, name streets, squares and so on and he is in jail. And these two girls who are accusing him of rape. Someone has read what they are saying? Well, do it here or here. Ridiculous. The Interpol was looking for him because of that. I wonder what will they do with the real terrorist....

Truth. Such pure word, but somehow so absent in modern politics, WikiLeaks is bringing it to us. I hope it is still coming and I am sure we have seen nothing but children lies.
What will come next?

It would be a joke of this guy ends up in jail in Sweden because of what he has een accused of. But he will probably. Sweden has no hands now and is acting as a puppet in hte hands of USA.
Anyway, long life to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Previous two months

I have been in hell and in heaven last two months. It has been really difficult days, uos and downs and paranoias and depression (a bit) and I have felt I was substituted, like a player who is doing shit in game and gets substituted when only 30 minutes of the game have passed.
No one said living in Finland was easy. It is not, besides that I have adapted quite well, there is always something where I still feel a foreigner.
Also my future, now that I got one more extra year to finish my PhD I am quite more relaxed about it and not thinking much, just focusing in my job and in getting the manuscripts done. It is also hard but I will manage in this time.
I guess in a way it is one more year of agony, one year living in a place I love to live at, but knowing that probably I will need to go further away without the certainty that I will ever return to my beloved Joensuu.
I know at first was difficult but when you get used to it and having a job (difficult these days) it is one of the most marvellous places to live at.

After sauna....

Well, as always it means just to adapt to possible new situations that may come and hope for the best, look for the best. I am sure it will be the best possible for me.

Sometimes the nowadays situations makes you think what will be your future life for you, when and where will you establish, will you form a family? And it is hard. Moving and moving and moving. That is what scientists require but sometimes what they do not want when they have reached a certain age. Traveling without a family is great, the greater with the younger you are, but at some point to belong to a place is a damn necessary feeling. Otherwise it feels like if you are just a traveller. Anyway, time will tell for good. And remember that you are able to decide. So do it!
That language...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Living in a foreing country

Is hard.... yes it is.
You may adapt well, very well, even look like a local, and kind of speak the language until levels that can even surprise you. You can learn the culture, the habits, how to treat people, etc.
But the most difficult part is to learn how people think, and why. And adapt to that is one of the challenges that a foreigner confronts when coming to another country.
It may take forever. You may not learn that in your whole stay. You'll think your way, and they'll think theirs, the problem is acting and what it looks like. You will act according to your thoughts, that possibly are very different thatn the locals'. And still, even if you are adapted perfectly and so on, they will not understand. And you will not understand them. or maybe after some years.
Also, to understand people's feelings is hard. They may not express them as in your country. They may not express them at all. Or hide them.

So damn long time without posting anything... my apologies and a picture as a compensation.
Busy times and lazy too....